Given our country's industrial growth, today's companies must become more efficient and competitive. CHG Logistics provides storage services in their own warehouses and transport of merchandise. We model our strategy after other international companies, offering continued improvement in the transport of merchandise and allowing your business to focus on production and generating competitive returns.

CHG Logistics offers:

  • Over 4,000 m2 within its warehouses, allowing us to manage materials properly and efficiently, distribute directly to the receiving area of the company or directly to the production line (Just in Time).
  • Highly trained personnel.
  • Specific and adequate equipment to unload and then load the material for distribution.
  • In CHG Logistics customers only pay what is fair. We only charge for the space you use (cost per pallet) and you never pay for unused space or extras such as, for forklift operator, warehouse and security charges.

Recent studies indicate that most industrial companies use the same space for both production operations and for merchandise storage. When that happens, none of the spaces are 100% optimized since common handling areas and corridors are used for the transit of goods from one area to another. This implies higher costs of labor and personnel management and inventory management which can create conflict between production areas and materials to share the same spaces.

Our distribution and storage center are designed to ensure the continuous and timely supply of required materials and means of production to ensure uninterrupted and rhythmic services.


  • Better inventory control.
  • Increased security of supplies.
  • Lower inventory in the production plant.
  • Increased production space.
  • Increased inventory rotation.
  • Minor quality issues can be detected within storage.


  • Rework
  • Count
  • Rectifacation
  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Classification