Having become aware of the increase in the theft of goods transported in trailers, resulting in costly losses, not only because of the value what was stolen, but also caused by shutdowns of production lines; CHG Logistics has developed an integrated intelligent security system. We created this by evaluating different components and high quality devices and joining them into one system.

¿How does it work?

Once the doors are locked, the only way to open the lock is by a key which emits electro-pulses with a unique pattern and frequency into a lock installed whithin the box, or, remotely vie GPS.

The key accepts configuration to be able to be employed by various users, each with personalized codes; which allows the use of the same key in different locks.

Even if the hinges have been disabled, the Security Device can stand up to 1,200 lbs of pressure, maintaining the integrity and functionality of the system.

For more information, view the following video